For Home Owners – Getting Ready for an Open House

An open house is an event conducted and hosted by real estate agents where potential buyers are given the opportunity to visit the homes they’re interested in buying. During an open house home buyers tests and inspects the entire house and lot as well as use the amenities with it. Having a house inspection gives the home sellers and the home buyer’s huge benefits.

For example, an open house raises the possibility of selling the home owners’ property faster since potential home buyers personally see and inspect the property. For the home buyers’ side, they benefit from having the chance to explore and see the potential home and the neighborhood. During an open house home buyers’ can also picture to their minds how their furniture and appliances would fit.

Yes, both parties are hugely benefitted from house inspection. Yet in this article we are going to focus on the sellers’ side. We are going to tackle about the things a home seller should do before a house inspection. As well as the do’s and don’t the home owner should avoid. So I encourage you to continue reading.

1. Clean the House

I’m sure you’ve already read this tip a million times. But the truth is that many home sellers often overlook this step. Remember that the cleanliness of your house shows how much you care about the property. It is important to you clean areas where people usually stay like the living room, the kitchen and dining room as well as the bathroom and bedroom. Be sure to clean these areas thoroughly to make a good first impression to home buyers.

2. Leave Utilities and Appliances Connected

During open house home buyers are allowed to test and use the utilities in your house. Make sure all the utilities are working like the gas stove, the dishwasher and the electric power is turned on. Potential home buyers may also check the air condition, the TV, electric fans and other appliances so make sure that the electric power is on. If these utilities are not working the real estate agent may reschedule the inspection which will delay the closing of the transaction and can cause discouragement for the home buyer.

3. Make some Renovations

You as a home owner should make sure you present your house at its best. So make sure you do needed repairs and renovations. These may include repainting the house, repairing broken faucets, water pipes and others. One important rule here is that if you can do the repairs yourself; avoid hiring people to save extra bucks.

4. Do not be present during open house

As what I’ve said in the beginning of this article, an open house is often conducted by real estate agents (in some cases the homeowner is the real estate agent). So theirs no need for you to be present in the area during open house.

Based from what we have observed most home buyers feel uncomfortable asking questions if the home owner is present. So, I advice home owners’ to schedule an activity during an open house. Preferably an activity that is about 3-4 hours long.

These are some of the tips homeowners should do and remember when open house is scheduled. If you what to sell your property fast, make sure you do and follow these steps and tips closely.