3 Never Fail Ways to Style Accent Pillows

Hey Everyone! A sofa without accent pillows is like leaving your home without jewelry on. Accent pillows, like jewelry to an outfit, add so much to the look of your furniture and a room as a whole.

Accent pillows add style to your furnishings by adding color, pattern and texture. These are important elements of decorating successfully. These tips will help you add all these elements to any room in your home.

One recommendation for furniture is sticking with neutral colors; beiges, grays, tans, browns or black, for main pieces of furniture. Then accessorize with throw pillows to layer in accent colors, patterns and textures. This way it is easy to switch accent pillows throughout the year or as your style evolves.

How to Style Accent Pillows

Is your sofa dying for an infusion of style with fantastic pillows? If so, this post is for you. Because styling and mixing throw pillows like a pro may seem difficult but it really is easier than you may think. I am going to show you some never fail ways to dress-up your sofa by mixing accent pillows.

Are you ready? Let’s Get Started!

Styling a sofa with throw pillows is all about mixing colors, sizes, patterns, and textures. If you follow one of these pillow mixing formulas you will create a professional look that is beautiful while adding comfort and style.

Pattern + Texture + Solid

Start with a pillow with a pattern you love. Then add a pillow that complements the pattern in color and has texture. Lastly, finish with the third layer, which is a solid color accent pillow. Again, it is best to pick a color that complements the pattern pillow.

Large + Medium + Odd Pillow Sizes

Variety in home decorating adds interest to a room. Another way to mix and layer pillows is by size. Mixing 3 or more pillows of different sizes adds the variety and style that all sofas need.

This mixing technique is simple. Start with the largest size in back, this should be a pillow between 22″ to 24″. Layer on top a medium size pillow, between 18″ to 20″. Then a small accent pillow.

Finally, to top it all off, add a single odd shaped throw pillow. Good options for this finishing touch are rounds, cylinders, or long rectangles.

As you mix and match these accent pillows, layer textures, patterns and solids.

Small + Medium + Large Scale Patterns

Another quick and easy way to layer pillows is mixing by pattern scale. Mix and match pillows by small to large scale patterns.

When layering pillows it is always a good idea to have some connecting element. If you are mixing patterns, layer patterns with similar colors. This will create a balanced look and a professional looking sofa style.

No More Boring Sofas

Accent pillows take a boring sofa to an amazing focal point plus add comfort and style to your home. Throw pillows and home accessories are finishing touches that separate a nice room from a jaw dropping, friend envying space. You know it is true, we all want our homes to look better than our friends’.

Using these never fail tricks to mix and match accent pillows will help you transform your home into the house you love and your friends want.